Step Into the Field of Automotive Technology With Online Education

Automotive Technology has revolutionized the human way of living since with the introduction of the first automobile in 1885. This area of study comes under the vocational field of education which has developed in a dramatic way mainly due to the ever-increasing purchasing of new and used automobiles.According to a research passed on 2007 there were about 135,399,945 licensed automobiles present in the US alone. Hence the more automobiles you have the more skilled automotive personals you need. For those of you looking for an opportunity to seek automotive technology training online you can now become a professional in to time with the following certificate and degree programs.Automotive Training (Online Certificate Program)The certificate program provides students with technical and complex ability to deal with all kinds of car problems; it also provides you with skills which enable you to handle and fix all braking, electronics and engine problems.If you prefer automotive technology training online then it will take you about six to eighteen months to complete the certificate program. The following coursework is included in the automotive training certificate program:• Performance and Diagnosis• Automotive Service Fundamentals• Brake Systems• Automotive Computer Systems• Automatic and Manual Drive Trains• Steering and Suspension• Transmissions• Electronic SystemsAfter you have completed your certificate program through online education you will be able to do all automotive technology services giving you access to work at repair shops, automobile retail shops and warehouses.Career Outlook & Salary InfoThose who complete their automotive training certificate program can go on to pursue careers as auto technicians, parts specialists, CNG & LPG mechanics etc. Besides this you can also pursue various other courses through online education:• Engine Repair Course• Transmission Course• Electrical Systems Course• Heating & Cooling Course• Brake Systems CourseThe average salary income for an automotive technology expert is explained below:In a Management positions you can earn about: $75,000 to $100,000 a yearIf you are working as a High-level mechanic you will easily be able to earn: $55,500 – $65,600 a yearThese are the figures for Mid-level mechanics who earn: $35,400 – $55,500 and Entry level mechanics whose average earnings are: $25,000 – $55,000 a yearNon-certified repair technicians also bag in: $18,000 a yearOnline Schools and Colleges offering Automotive Technology Training OnlineYes there are various accredited and well established schools and colleges which offer you automotive training online through online education. Few of their names are listed below:• ICS Canada• Penn Foster Career School• Lincoln College of Technology• Universal Technical Institute

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